Using your scales wrong? There is a better method.

Stepping on bathroom scales is the most popular method of tracking fat loss. But the usual measuring strategies may not be right for women, as some days they tend to hold more water than others due to monthly hormone fluctuations and exercise. This article explores a more reliable way to measure body mass to get a clearer picture of your progress.

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How to extract maximum value from fitness trackers despite inaccuracy

Once upon a time, a humble pedometer underwent a transformation. These days, wearable technology market offers gadgets of all shapes and sizes and keeps evolving at a rapid speed. Or so it seems. More fitness trackers than ever are collecting dust in their owners’ drawers, abandoned for broken promises of leaner, healthier body and never-ceasing motivation. But before condemning them useless, consider your demands – are you simply asking the wrong questions?

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Caring For an Underactive Thyroid

The thyroid is a tiny, but mighty gland located inside your neck, right below the voice box. It acts as the engine of your body, governing every major metabolic function and regulating how cells perform their respective tasks. Every cell has receptors for its hormones. But if for any reason the thyroid starts struggling with its daily duties, your health can begin to roll downwards.

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