The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis is a fully customised coaching solution created for high-achieving individuals to help them regain control over their bodies and lifestyles and blissfully forget what it feels like to gain all the fat back.

Over the period of one year, you will learn and apply all the skills you will ever need to get into the best shape of your life and keep the result for the years to come.

We will dive deep into your values, discover what’s really hindering you, develop strategies and rock-solid systems. But more importantly, you will not only have access but WILL receive all the private support you will ever need, directly from Kristina.

It was designed to make it impossible to fail.

To find out whether it is something you may be interested in, please download the short information sheet containing full details on the program, prices and the exact deliverables in return for your investment.

The Sidekick

Probably the most effective
e-mail accountability program you’ll find. A new e-mail every Friday with three brain-picking questions to reply to, with feedback. Perfect for those who already have a trainer, or those who wouldn’t mind some extra support. 

Advanced Macros

Calculated by yours truly, for you, with considerations to your needs and lifestyle. Comes as a two-part e-book with tips, tricks, and an easy method to control your portions without needing to weigh every damn carrot.

Igniter Classes

Single topic, webinar-style classes to expand your mind, accelerate your progress and overcome hurdles on your journey. Press the button below to get notified on the date and topic of the next upcoming class.

Single Consultation

Need a single coaching session to tackle a very specific topic or supplement your coaching package?

Grab it here.


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