Keep Moving Forward Without Secretly Ripping At Seams

Battle-tested practices for resilient body and unbreakable mind

For ordinary humans who want to build extraordinary resilience, Walkyrie delivers nutrition, movement and recovery coaching that will prepare you to overcome anything.

Watch your body become firm, responsive and fully charged.

Watch your body become firm, responsive and fully charged.


Real fitness can’t be seen in the mirror. It lies in the strength of the heart, in the sharpness of mind, in the ability to withstand and recover. It isn’t tested in the gym, but by the life itself: how capable you are to pursue what really matters.

Change isn’t happening on the scales, it is happening every day, from within, in places the majority overlooks. With comprehensive assessments and an our eagle eye on every step of your journey, you will see how your efforts are making a difference as your body transforms and develops fitness that is useful beyond the mirror. And, maybe, start loving picking out your outfits again, if that’s you thing!

Work with an unfailing roadmap that gets you to your targets, through thick and thin.


A single factor is rarely responsible for success. You can’t out-train a bad diet. You can’t out-diet a lack of movement. And if the little monsters in your head have put a dog collar around your neck and pull the chain every time you want to do the right thing, you probably won’t do any of the above.

With a custom combination of nutrition, movement and mental coaching, we cover all that is necessary for you to reach your destination. Never feel lost for what to no matter the circumstances. With intense focus on fundamentals and remaining adaptable, you will “life-proof” your outcomes. No need to wonder if this approach will workit will.

When everything breaks, be the last one standing.


The capacity of your will isn’t something you are born with, nor is it a fixed depletable resource. While common, grinding your teeth through obstacles till you drop is the fastest route to derailing yourself from your targets. It wastes unimaginable amounts of energy and is a highway to burnout, misery and self-blame.

Your ability to take on load, physical and mental, and execute reliably and consistently despite unfavourable circumstances can be trained, expanded and replenished. This is our specialty. With science on our side, we build you up for the long game and teach exactly what to do when all restriction fences you built to keep yourself in check fail. When the storm hits, you will always outlast those who workout to entertain the ego.

Win where you have failed, repeatedly.


Humans aren’t meant to be machines. By attempting to reduce yourself to oiled gears and input directives, you are blinding yourself to the real reasons you prematurely give up or burn yourself to ashes. More so, unknowingly, you are stripping yourself of the very things that feed consistency and predictable performance. Ignoring the human factor won’t make issues disappearthis breeds guilt and shame and slices away your confidence till an empty husk is all that’s left. But only if you let it!

We forge strategies ingrained with human factor. Together, we create leverage through practices that integrate into your values, lifestyle and choices. You will develop new skills and unearth the ones you have but haven’t considered. Criticising “fails” is careless! Instead, we build safety fuses directly into your systems so you can feel pride, joy and full confidence in your process. And win, repeatedly.

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