If you ever caught yourself:

  • Being too stiff and worn out to get out of bed without a special ninja move that doesn’t look remotely as cool as it sounds…
  • Dressing up in the morning in 5 seconds flat, before the match burns out…
  • Wondering if your self-care checklist suspiciously reminds of an army routine…
  • Thinking that rest is for sissies, or, at least, is something that happens after all obligations have been attended to…
  • Spitefully grabbing your body folds in front of the mirror and vowing (again) to train like a Spartan, quit sugar, carbs and caffeine. Even if you can’t live without good quality tea…
  • Having an entire shelf of healthy recipe books that you still didn’t get to cook for yourself…
  • Browsing the “store” for yet another app with “lean”, “optimize”, “habit” and “mind” as key words…
  • Burning yourself out physically and mentally not even half way before reaching your targets…
Our clients have been there and felt that, too. Until they hired us.
If you value self-discovery and speed, we can guide you to your destination.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

The Training Ground

Best for: tailor-made assessment, planning and support for fastest path forward

$3000 (3 months payment plan available)

A hero’s job is not for the faint of heart. In the world where everything demands results but overlooks how you get there, you need a place where you can rebuild your strength with fair guidance and objectively see that your efforts matter.

Three months. One Goal. One skill. Enter the Training Ground! Our proprietary 1-to-1. face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder process combines nutrition, movement and mental training, in proportions appropriate for each stage of your journey for the fastest pathway to your desired outcomes. Build up energy, increase resilience, wield your mind and body with care and respect. This is the ultimate environment you were looking for.

The Sidekick

Best for: you know what to do and want to make sure you actually do it

$2500 (12 months payment plan available) 

Being the main character of your own story is a glamorous role, until you look at the behind-the-scenes. You know better than anyone what it really takes to be a hero: the one that wraps up the sleeves at the sight of an obstacle, smiles a gentle smile, and perseveres for the sake of others. But when they are the one who’s got everyone’s back, who’s got the back of the hero?

The Sidekick is here to assist you! Enter this weekly accountability pact for support that is targeted, structured and uncommonly human. A letter from your trusted ally will lift your spirits every Friday directly from your inbox: just hit reply to answer the three questions, and be sure that each word is read, considered and acted upon.

The Sprint

Best for: that one nagging thing that is taking too long to figure out


The most insightful 50 minutes you will dedicate to your wellness. Bring one issue you would like to investigate and leave with eye-opening clarity and precise action steps.

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