About Walkyrie

Walkyrie, once, was also a dream. A dream to create a place like no other: an honest, simple, no-nonsense resource that will help women fall in love with active lifestyle and arm them with physical and mental skills to live their best and fullest lives without fear of external comparison and internal judgement.

Because, every single time when one of us looks in the mirror and wonders if that’s really all there is, somewhere deep within we know: there must be more. Not because someone else expects it, but because of who we truly are.

Walkyrie represents the resurrection and activation of your internal guidance system.

Just as in Norse mythology, walkyries were the goddesses possessing the power of choice – the ability to choose life over death. In the same way, Walkyrie awakens your inner will to take positive steps to your highest self. That path to real victory, true self acceptance and a genuine sense of wellbeing is at the very heart of Walkyrie.

At Walkyrie, we work with you to achieve what really matters, a meaningful change in mental attitude that leads to greater awareness and achievement in all walks of your life. We believe in choices based on practical, simple strategies – in short, real solutions for real people.

Through a custom combination of nutrition, exercise and mental training, we will help you rediscover what it means to live a full, active life, where weight loss, smaller dress sizes and better health are the side products of joy, courage and dedication. Step after step, we will work with you to bring out the real self you’ve always dreamed to be and will establish systematic habits that will serve for a lifetime. And once your journey with us comes to an end, you can be certain that you have all the knowledge and skills you will ever need to continue on your own.

The path of change doesn’t have to be lonely. Are you ready for an adventure?


About the Founder

Kristina Kuzina is the founder of Walkyrie, a Switzerland-based trainer with an alphabetic soup of certificates and letters to place after the name (she prefers not to put any), a voracious reader and a dedicated tea drinker.

After years spent geeking over change management and perfecting her HR skills, she realized that most corporate organizations aren’t particularly interested in supporting employees to become their best selves and decided to apply her skills where they truly matter.

After even more years of geeking over everything human body, she now works with clients and trainers worldwide on strengthening hearts, filling stomachs, relaxing nerves and building unbreakable systems. In her work, she emphasises building fundamental skills before employing advanced strategies and repeatedly shows that simple often does the job better than complicated. She strongly believes in the power of choices and that anyone can become the hero of their own story.

With great diligence, Kristina makes sure that all her clients have everything necessary to succeed, and keeps running out of bookshelves every now and then. You will rarely find her without a strong cup of cha, but if you do, run: rumors say, she has a pet bear.

And just in case you’ve been wondering about the aforementioned letters, you may find some below:

Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist (CETS)
Certified Senior Trainer (CST)
Certified Youth Trainer (CYT)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (in progress) (CSCS)
Certified Level 2 Nutrition Coach (Pn2)
Certified Mental Trainer (in progress) (fCMT)

(and counting…)

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