People keep asking how you have so much energy and enthusiasm, and you can’t bring yourself to tell them you feel like an empty battery.

You want to wake up with insatiable drive to take the day by the horns but end up rising as a morning zombie (with about as much brains left to focus) and don’t even remember the last time you got eight hours of proper sleep.

You used to love the outdoors and remember the thrill and pleasure of the wind on your face but now spend most of your daily hours hunched over the keyboard.

You crave colourful meals that burst with flavour but dial UberEats more often than you and your bookkeeper are happy with.

And you do put honest effort, but there is still nothing to show for it.

But giving up doesn’t exist in your dictionary.

You know there is more to life than silently turning into a shadow of the hero deep within you.

The one who can outbrave every fear, outsmart every obstacle and outlast every storm. If only you could break through the wall that keeps you at 10% of your true capability.

And you can!

At Walkyrie, we ensure your body can keep up with your dreams.

Walkyrie creates innovative journeys in the domains of nutrition, movement and recovery—from quirky and precise private coaching and personalised accountability quests to thought-provoking letters and Field Notes—to help you do more of what matters, and have damn good time while at it!

Because that’s what real adventure is all about.

We believe fitness is not about how you look.

It’s about what you can do with it when it matters.

People rarely think of resilience as a physical skill. But stress is not coming from the mind only: physical stress—lack of movement, lack of nutrients, lack of sleep, dust, noise, that hunched posture—consumes just as much of your energy.

What you do with your body matters. It can send you directly to the lands of burnout, or fuel you for action. Don’t get stuck in a dragon cave with a dull sword!

Recovery, just like stress, is all about energy. The more energy you body can produce, the more resilient you become. And you can train for it.

That’s our specialty.

That “empty battery”? You can learn to recharge it and even expand its capacity.

And that extra edge may be all you need.

And who is the wiz’ behind the curtain?

Hi, I’m Kristina Kuzina!

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a bit of a nerd, hence the alphabet soup of certificates and letters I can put after my name (but prefer not to). I am notoriously bad at small talk, drink tea by the barrels and break bookshelves.

With a decade of geeking over everything related to human body, I now work with clients and trainers worldwide on strengthening hearts, filling stomachs, relaxing nerves, and recovering that inner spark that makes us want to wake up and savour the day, with all its treasures and challenges. All at the comfort of your own computer.

My clients say I feel like a calm sea, my colleagues say I have a serious knack for reframing, but what I am truly great at is getting right to the heart of the issue. And in 99% of the cases, it lies in places you least expect.

While technological advances slowly cause fitness education to lose its heart and soul with faceless apps and plans made for no one, I wanted to bring the ultimate powerhouse back in the game: the human connection. Your mightiest weapon for speed and impact, when combined with fundamentals.

This concoction turned into what you see today: a unique, fun, and challenging coaching environment that draws out the best of your hidden abilities and enables you to get back on the horse so you can become the hero of your own story.



And in case you are a nerd like me and still wondering about the aforementioned letters, here are a few:

BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach

Precision Nutrition L1 Sleep, Stress and Recovery specialist

Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition L2 Master Coach

Too many, and counting...

Curious Fact:

In Norse mythology, walkyries were the goddesses possessing the power of choice, and guided those who bravely battled to a better place.

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