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Perseverance is difficult to teach.

If I had to point out the key difference between the clients of mine who are rocking it from the first day and those who are just dipping their toes in the water, it’s what they attribute success and failure to.

When success (or failure) depends on the quality of your genetics, time available, and the (lack of) enthusiasm of people supporting you, you are bound to get disappointing results.

Not because you don’t try hard enough, but because you put your trust in unstable circumstances. And when these circumstances aren’t ideal for you, you are helpless to do anything.

Put your trust in yourself.

When you know that success and failure depend on nothing but your choices, you feel in control. When you make a choice that doesn’t serve your goal, you keep going. You know what to do next. When you make a choice that brings you closer to your goal, you feel unstoppable. And you want more of this feeling.

Unlike perseverance, skills are very teachable.

If you practice the skills, you will always go further than those who rely on better genetics, better schedules and better support.

And, most importantly, no one can ever take that away from you.

Let’s put those to good use.


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